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Online Giving

Giving is quick and easy using our online giving portal.


How it Works!

To send gifts via text, send a text message with the dollar amount (e.g. “$10”) to 972.635.4957.

To give to a specific fund (such as missions), simply enter the amount followed by the fund name ( $10 missions) and it will go to that particular fund.

If this is your first time giving this way, you will have to fill out a short form with your billing info. After the initial setup, giving is as easy as sending a text message.

When texting to give, just add one of the following account names after your numeric value and those funds will be designated.

Capital Improvement
Bus Ministry
Youth Department
Children’s Department
Music Department

*If you only text a numeric value without a fund destination, that amount will be automatically designated as “TITHE.”

Convert Form

Submit information on a convert or follow-up.

Door Knocking

Submit a door knocking report. Information is sent directly to the church office.

Email Subscription

Sign up for various ministry emails from Parkside Baptist Church.

Teen Activity Report

For teen church members of Parkside, you can fill out your activity report online.