Youth Conference

July 9-12, 2018
The greatest preaching conference for youth!


Dr. Mike Wells

Pastor of Parkside Baptist Church

Caleb Garraway


Dr. Reno Likins

Director of Indian Creek Baptist Camp

Dr. Mike Ray

Pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church

Jonathan Wells

Youth Pastor of Parkside Baptist Church


Hear Fundamentalist’s Sermons! The sermons are designed to lead young people to make decisions for God.

Church Service Attire

Men should wear a dress shirt and tie with dress pants. Ladies should wear a knee-length skirt or dress and a modest blouse.



Midnight Activity

On Wednesday night, after the services, we will go off property for an exciting, midnight activity!

Afternoon Activity

On Thursday afternoon, we top all the activities off with a combo activity. Enjoy hours of fun with go-karts, putt-putt golf, laser tag, & more!

Activity & Sports Competition Attire

Men may wear denim or wind-breaker pants and a shirt that doesn’t have a worldly ad or slogan.

Ladies may wear knee-length denim skirts or culottes that look like a skirt (not basketball shorts) and a modest shirt.



No nursery is provided for the day sessions. The evening service nurseries are provided at no charge.



Registration costs include all activities, conference materials, t-shirts, giveaways, and six meals. Don’t forget to allow extra money for the snack shack, The Baptist Bookshelf, and The Heritage Cafe that will be available all week. Enjoy the great singing and old-fashioned preaching!

Auditorium doors will open on Monday, July 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM. The evening service begins at 6:30 PM.


Bible Quiz

Each church can put together a team of up to 3 to participate in the Bible Quiz competition. This year’s quiz will cover the book of Joshua. The winning team will receive a trophy to take home for your church!

Preacher Boy

This is a special time where we allow the teen boys an opportunity to preach. A scholarship to Lone Star Baptist College will be awarded to the top Preacher Boy as well as free admission to next year’s Youth Conference! We only use the King James Bible. Preacher boys must wear a suit and tie to preach.

Scripture Memory Shootout

Any teen may participate in the Scripture Memory Shootout. Quote as many Scripture verses as you can to a judge. The teen who quotes the most verses will get a trophy! You will not be allowed to look at your Bible once you start. You’ll have to quote as many as possible without looking at your Bible. We only use the King James Bible.

Musical Instruments

We have a time where those who play musical instruments can play for the judges. Two teens could win a scholarship to Lone Star Baptist College as well as free admission to next year’s youth conference! Please dress in church service attire.


Boys 3-on-3 basketball, girls 6-on-6 volleyball, dodgeball, and table tennis.


The conference is for those ages 10-18. Each church represented must have adequate adult supervision for their own group.


A Great Door

Caleb Garraway


Dr. Mike Ray